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Magnus and Jenner


This is the story of a New England bridge troll and the letter that changed his life. What, you ask, is a New England bridge troll? Fair question. Let's start with this: The legends are true. Strange, magical things really do live beneath the stone bridges of spooky New England. They are rarely seen, even though they've most certainly seen you. But there's no reason to be afraid of them.
A New England bridge troll, you see, is a hairy little fellow, about as tall as a small child, and as strong as a grown man. He lives a long time by our standards. He suffers from warts and bunions, and a tail that's hard to hide. "Suffers" may be the wrong way to put it, for a hairy troll with warts and bunions and a scruffy tail would consider himself to be quite handsome indeed. A New England bridge troll knows a little magic and can talk to other animals. He is terribly afraid of humans, because they are known to lock up trolls in zoos and cages.
He prefers to live in a hole under old, stone bridges. He's not above eating half a burger out of a garbage can or snitching a late-night snack or two from a human's kitchen. But in general he's a kind, law-abiding sort who loves to read, quite unlike those rowdy city trolls who live in basements and bang on steam pipes all night.
Our story is about a young, lonely troll named Magnus and the family with whom he longs to be reunited. It all started with an encounter with a pig-faced lady near a stone bridge in Vermont.

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