Magnus and jenner

Magnus is a New England bridge troll on a mission: to find his only living brother, Radley. Trouble is, Radley lives a thousand miles away in the belly of a pirate ship in Orlando, Florida. Ten-year-old Jenner could be the key to finding Radley. Only he's a horrible human! Join this unlikely duo as they jump a train down the Eastern seaboard, escaping the law and a brush with an alligator hunter. Will they make it it Florida or will Magnus be caught and locked up in a zoo forever?

Magnus and Jenner, a fun, fast-paced adventure, is available at and will be in Boston-area independent bookstores soon.

“I love this story. You have written an entirely

original book with an oddly lovable character in Magnus. Magnus will interest, gross out, and delight readers - and keep them rooting for him.”

-Beth Raisner Glass, author of the picture books

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